Bite Guards

Do you have dental pain, jaw aches, or headaches and don’t know why? Sometimes, the cause of these problems can be unconscious teeth grinding.

You might also notice symptoms such as:

  • Cracks or other tooth damage.
  • Loosening of teeth.
  • More frequent headaches or jaw aches.
  • Tooth pain with no obvious cause.
  • Gum recession.

You might have even lost a tooth from teeth grinding. If your dentist refers you to Petrini Prosthodontics, you might need the simple solution we offer. Contact us today. We’ll treat you like a visiting VIP for an appointment or two, and send you back to your general dentist once we have resolved your issues.

What Causes Teeth Grinding? 

Every case is different. Some patients actually grind their teeth, whereas some strike their teeth together or just keep their jaw clenched. Why does this happen? Sometimes, it’s because of a physical abnormality, such as:

  • A misaligned bite that is causing teeth to grind against each other in a damaging way.
  • Sleep apnea, which is a blockage of your breathing during the night.

Other times, patients have been especially anxious at work or during a major life event. Maybe it has been impossible for you to relax recently.

Any ongoing teeth grinding can lead to major tooth damage eventually. It can also wear out the tissues in the jaw and face, causing painful spasms and fatigue. Let us take care of these challenges and symptoms!

An Elegant Solution: Bite Guards

A custom-made bite guard can solve the challenges you’re experiencing. It could: 

  • Bring misaligned teeth together in a healthier way.
  • Prevent your teeth from grinding together and being damaged.
  • Relieve the pressure on your jaw if it has been clenched, giving it time to heal.
  • Protect restorations you have, such as crowns, from getting damaged by teeth grinding.

When we build a bite guard for you, we carefully handcraft it in our own cutting-edge lab here at our office. That means it will:

  • Fit perfectly on your teeth.
  • Address the specific condition you’re facing.
  • Let you breathe normally.
  • Protect your teeth and jaws.

You can’t get all that from a bite guard you buy in a store!

Protect Your Teeth with a Personalized Bite Guard

Don’t let the pain go on. Don’t let your teeth get damaged further, which could lead to more expensive services later. Contact Petrini Prosthodontics now for a customized bite guard that’s a perfect fit for your unique smile!