Having a hole in a major tooth can be scary and frustrating. Your tongue keeps on finding that hole. Or it might hurt, and you want to avoid getting anything in there — even food. You just want it to get better.

We’ve seen this many times, and we love to help patients in the Burien area. If your dentist has referred you to Petrini Prosthodontics (or you’ve found us online), call us, so we can take care of this problem quickly. We want to help you get back to normal life and give you another reason to smile.

What Are Fillings, Inlays, and Onlays?

These are all methods of restoring a tooth that is damaged. We have our own cutting-edge dental lab here in our office at Petrini Prosthodontics, and we can build each of these from porcelain or safe metals.

Fillings, inlays, and onlays are designed to add new material into a damaged tooth, but each restoration is slightly different:

  • Fillings: Material fills in just the part of the tooth that’s damaged, most often by decay. We craft the material to fit the natural shape of the tooth and restore its abilities.
  • Inlays: These fill in a damaged area but also increase the strength of a more damaged tooth that needs to be reinforced.
  • Onlays: These extend out beyond the filling area in order to reconstruct and strengthen the tooth even more.

With any of these, our goal is to restore the tooth to the way it was before it was damaged. You should be able to chew and speak like you used to — and show off your unique smile.

Contact Petrini to Restore Your Tooth

With any type of filling, we’ll keep you involved in the decision-making process, only moving forward when you’re comfortable with the concept. Our top priority is to keep you happy and to get you the dental prosthetic you need.

Once we’ve completed your restoration, you can brush and floss normally and continue seeing your general dentist for all your other dental needs. Just contact us any time about your filling, and we’ll help in any way we can. Call now for an appointment at Petrini Prosthodontics!