Fixed Bridges

Are you missing a tooth and want it replaced fast? Do you have a few missing teeth? A dental bridge can replace a tooth or teeth without putting a new root into your jaw.

Would you want those new teeth in one day? Our lab technicians here can create your customized bridge during a single appointment using state-of-the-art equipment and top-quality materials. You don’t have to wait any longer to fill in that gap. Call Petrini Prosthodontics.

What Is a Dental Bridge?

A bridge is a dental appliance made of porcelain and/or other materials such as gold. It’s called a bridge because it forms a bridge over the socket of your missing tooth or teeth.

A bridge is made of:

  • Tooth caps bonded to the teeth on both sides of the gap, which anchor it in place. 
  • A tooth crown (or crowns) in between that replaces your missing tooth or teeth.

We can make your bridge the exact color and shape you want it. If you want it to look like your other teeth, we can use porcelain, so it’ll seem you never lost a tooth. It could also be gold or another metal. Your choice.

What Are the Advantages of a Dental Bridge?

Besides filling in a gap, a bridge can do much more for you. For example, yours could:

  • Prevent your teeth from shifting out of their healthiest positions.
  • Keep your facial shape from changing.
  • Help you speak more clearly.
  • Make chewing easier and more comfortable.
  • Protect your other teeth from getting worn down by an uneven bite.

A dental bridge does not require a surgery or recovery time. It takes just the preparation of the two teeth on either side of the gap and a short amount of time for our lab techs to handcraft the bridge.

Contact Petrini Prosthodontics for Quick Tooth Replacement

If your dentist referred you to us because of a missing tooth, we’re very interested in getting to know you personally and helping you overcome this challenge. Your general dentist will still take care of most of your needs, but we’ll partner with you on any prosthetics that will brighten your smile!

We’ll make you feel right at home here with personalized care and empathy. Get your self-confidence back as soon as possible! Call us today.