Denture Maintenance

We strive to give you our highest quality of dentures and other dental prosthetics. We handcraft them ourselves in our high-tech lab, and we care about your health, safety, and happiness.

At the same time, to get the most out of your dentures, you’ll need to keep them clean and well-maintained — and we’ll partner with you in this.

What’s the Right Schedule for Denture Maintenance?

Your dentures can’t stay at their best if you only see us for obvious problems. Think of it like maintaining a car. You get your oil changed and your tires rotated on a regular schedule because that will keep you safest — and actually save you money in the long run. 

It’s the same with denture maintenance. It’s better to keep regularly scheduled appointments with us. We’ll keep them short and simple while treating you like a friend coming to visit! This could save you hassle and money by catching and preventing serious problems before they develop.

For full or partial dentures, you only need to visit once a year, as long as the dentures are working fine. We’ll check to see if:

  • The dentures fit perfectly.
  • The supporting bones and tissues are still right for your dentures.
  • Your mouth is healthy.
  • You have any signs of oral cancer.

If the dentures need to be adjusted, we’ll take care of it. We’ll also professionally clean your dentures. We can also discuss any home techniques that you can use to keep them even cleaner.

Should You Call about Problems? 

We’re very happy to bring you in if you have any discomfort or soreness. Dentures should fit well. You shouldn’t even notice them. If yours have become uncomfortable, we have a couple of options to completely relieve it.

If your gums or other tissues are sore, something may have changed in your physiology or in the dentures. The problem can usually be corrected here. Just let us know about it right away. The same goes for:

  • Loose dentures.
  • Denture teeth that are getting worn out.
  • Problems talking.
  • Your jaw closing further than it used to.

Contact Petrini Prosthodontics for Denture Assistance

We take responsibility for any denture needs you have. Make sure to schedule and keep yearly appointments with Petrini, so we can check the fit and condition of your dentures. As Dr. Schmidt moves into retirement, Dr. Petrini will be happy to continue checking in on all of Dr. Schmidt’s previous patients as well.

Let us catch and correct any challenges! And if you have any soreness or trouble, contact us now.