We consider it the ultimate compliment when our patients refer their family, friends, or colleagues to us for treatment. The following patients have gone a step further by allowing us to share their comments with you.

Crowns / Bridges / Veneers

“My Experience: hi everyone: my name’s randy and u can email me, if u want more feedback, comments, facts, exact details, specifics, etc, about my amazing transformation and metamorphoses from a mouth 100% full of nothing but eroded, corroded, pitted, cratered teeth to a “Hollywood” jet-set style, A-lister, movie-stars mouth with perfectly white dazzling straight perfect teeth via all-new crowns. It turned me into a daily smiling person, not shy to show off this work and art of sheer beauty, much to the envy of others witnessing my new smile. My colleagues at work can’t believe the change. It has truly changed my life in spirit and of course, great oral health. I will always cherish and be proud of the decision and never look back nor regret my decision to have this restoration, which basically is on par, though on a smaller scale, with essentially remodeling someone’s house but on an oral health platform…..the results, I still can’t believe, being staggering in improved appearance, smile, and eating. All this would not be possible without the dedicated performance by the stalwart team of Dr. John Petrini, Barbara, Trish, Sara, and all the others, whose names I can’t remember, for I apologize for that. Each and every one of them was involved from start to finish in contributing immensely to this magnificent sculpturing and artistry of my mouth. I can not and will not ever be able to thank them all enough. I’m a new person, honestly and most sincerely. I never would’ve believed it when I first embarked on this program from the initial consultation with Dr. Petrini and all the nurses being present offering expertise of knowledge from their years of experience. We all worked out a meticulous, thorough, thoughtful, realistic, and ambitious plan to reach my goal and objective of getting an oral health new lease on life, which they all accomplished in stunning poetic fashion. All my questions, concerns, fears, worries, were all addressed and answered to my complete satisfaction, resting me at ease for the entire process. Be assured, you will always be given the best possible care by this team in the utmost professionalism. The care, individual attention, sensitivity to my needs and nurturing, soothe one to the highest degree of comfort and relaxation along the whole way. You really don’t have a care in the world with this team looking out for your best interests. The entire staff is motivated in giving u the results u strive for. I highly recommend Dr. Petrini and all his associates to the nth degree for your prosthodontic care. As a fully gratified and satisfied customer, you will not be disappointed. It is a win-win situation for you, resulting in your being most profoundly proud of the decision you made to make that most important first contact. Please, pick up the phone, call…..you’ll always be glad u did. Experience With Team: see above Rating: Great! Additional Comments: see above”
~ Randy

“I love my new smile. I received a full mouth reconstruction. Dr. Petrini and staff were very professional and efficient. My four visits were the best I’ve ever had to a dental office. Dr. Petrini perfectly installed 28 crowns. I am very very pleased with smile. I rate my visits as a 5 STAR experience. Dr. Petrini and Staff are worthy of their TOP Dentist awards!!!”
~ Doug

“I love my new veneers and implant. They turned out so beautiful! Dr Petrini did such a great job I would highly recommend him! Thank you so much for making me confident in my smile again.”
~ Sara

“I came to the office with very short teeth that I had ground down considerably over the years. My face around my upper lip was starting to sink in and my upper lip was disappearing, which made me look a lot older. When I walked out of the office after the final appointment, I had gorgeous white, straight, and perfect-length teeth, and a huge smile on my face. My husband says I look years younger. I constantly get positive comments from everyone, including my other doctors.”
~ Barbara, RN

“My general dentist, oral surgeon, and every professional I’ve seen since has raved about the exquisite appearance of my new smile.”
~ Marie

Implant-supported dentures and partial dentures

“I just had my first ear of corn on the cob in over ten years. It was the best.”
~ Kathi

“They look and feel like my own natural teeth. I’m a great kisser, too!! And this is an important part of my life.”
~ Phyllis

“I am extremely happy with this whole situation. I can eat anything. I couldn’t eat before. If I had to do it all over again, I’d do exactly the same thing. The smile for me wasn’t the big issue, but feeling like these were better than my natural teeth was. The security issue was important; not having to worry about it — whether they fall out. I started when I was 16, so to not have to even think about it is freedom!”
~ Michael

Dental implants

“Just had to let you know my implants and crowns are wonderful. The first time I have ever had a pain-free year, dental-wise.”
~ Dorothy

“It’s been about three months since the work on my implants was completed and I just want to thank you for your great piece of work. It has turned out to be very functional, comfortable, and attractive. A real plus for my life. The team at your office was super — both very competent and fun to be around. Overall, you all did a wonderful thing for me and I thank you very much.”
~ Gary

Dentures and partial dentures

“Just wanted to send a very appreciative “Thank You” to you and your staff for the experience on Monday, May 24th which involved the repair of my denture. The skill required to accomplish the repair and in such a timely manner may be normal business for you but was exceptional in my opinion. Thank You to all the staff for the efforts to keep me smiling.”
~ Sherri

“I don’t usually write reviews but because of my success and complete satisfaction with Dr Petrini and his staff I felt a desire to do so. My friend has upper and lower dentures that fit and look beautifully and she went to Dr Petrini/Schmidt so I decided to try their services after breaking a tooth in my upper plate. These dentures were over 30 years old so we decided I needed new ones. It took very little time for me to adjust to the new dentures. Dr Petrini and his staff are the greatest. The ladies that assist him are the friendliest you will ever meet. Thank you all again for making me feel so welcome and comfortable through of this.”
~ Jackie

“Dr. Schmidt gave my wife the teeth of her youth. She looks so lovely.”
~ Cliff

“I feel wonderful. I am happier with this set of teeth than anything I’ve ever had. I feel like I had a facelift.”
~ Leanne

“Dr. Schmidt did a helluva good job. My denture stays in like it should.”
~ Peter

“The first thing I noticed was my digestion improved because I’m chewing better. I’m able to eat lettuce now. My lips look nicer, too.”
~ Rita

“What other people don’t know is the fear I had before having my teeth extracted, but Dr. Schmidt made me feel very confident of my choice and his work. Since I am a public speaker, it was very important for me to speak well and have confidence, and Dr. Schmidt did this for me.”
~ Barney

“Thank you for giving me back my handsome husband.”
~ Doris

“When I got my new upper denture, a co-worker asked if I just got veneers. I said, ‘No, I got some crowns’ — she had no idea. A male friend at a dinner party said, ‘I could just reach over and kiss you — your teeth are so beautiful.’ ”
~ Myrna

“I am very pleased. I am going to have to re-learn to smile again.”
~ Della

“I wouldn’t be able to continue public speaking and voices for Disney if it weren’t for Dr. Schmidt’s work.”
~ Ginny

“Bobbie is eating again and because of that she has gotten some of her strength back and is walking a little. This is something she hasn’t done in months. She used to squeeze the juice from her food because she couldn’t chew.”
~ Caregiver